AISCO Industrial Couplings

Universal joint driveshafts provide a cost effective means to transmit power from a power source to a driven machine. Installation time is reduced as the need for critical alignment tolerances required by other types of couplings is eliminated. The telescopic feature eliminates the need for movement of machinery for installation or maintenance removal. The telescopic feature also allows motion during installation, operation or during no-load conditions.

Spicer® SAE Universal Joints

AISCO is a supplier of Spicer® universal joints. These joints are commonly used in over the road vehicles, industrial, and off-highway applications. They are designed for long life at moderate torque levels, though they are capable of withstanding high momentary torques, such as those levels encountered when starting a load, or initial momentum. Spicer® universal joints tend to be the most economical solution for applications where minimum swing diameters are not a requirement.

Specialty Shafts

AISCO, through relationships with suppliers throughout the world, is capable of supplying replacement assemblies and parts for nearly every type of universal joints. In addition to an extensive inventory of specialty components ready for immediate shipment, we offer expedited delivery options on items from overseas suppliers, generally within a few days.

Custom Built Shafts

AISCO engineers are available to meet your design needs for special universal joints for new or troublesome older applications. AISCO engineers are trained in design of machinery and machine elements, and have extensive experience working with client engineers. Through extensive use of CAD/CAM, AISCO can translate your designs into reality at costs approaching that of high volume products.

Companion Flanges

Nearly all industrial drive shafts are connected to machinery via companion flanges. AISCO can supply standard and special companion flanges for our complete line of universal joints plus those manufactured by others. In addition to the typical bore and keyed designs, companion flanges can be supplied with spline bores, flatted bores, polygon bores, etc. For high capacity or high wear applications, AISCO companion flanges can be supplied with heat-treated alloys and carburized or nitrided bores.

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